24 Hours in a Day Is Not Quite Enough.

Being relatively new to this business of art (at least, pursuing it as a business, that is) and learning something new every day, I've come to realize that, upon completing a painting, there's so much to do than I ever realized before. My venturing into fantasy art as my main focus only started in early spring of 2010, and at that time, still very much as a hobby and a pastime. Back then, all I did after completing a piece of art was to upload and post at deviantART. XD Then respond to any comments that came my way, and rejoice if there was one of those rare Daily Deviations.

These days, deviantART still is the first place I post. After all, I have the biggest audience there, followed by a small (but slowly growing) circle of artist friends over at Facebook. But since nobody can ever really know all of what's going on at that site in terms of newly implemented changes (that leave giant loopholes for thefts and leaks of all kinds...), I only post relatively small pictures there, which won't show any real work I put into my paintings. (Ever notice something looks great as a thumbnail until you click on it to see it larger only to be disappointed just how roughly it's done or crooked things look...?) Then there's updating the photo gallery at my own site. This one also has a relatively small photo at full view. Nonetheless, the amount of time spent updating is the same whether you're dealing with small image or large one. After that, I go to my online portfolio at dA for an update. Then I move on over to my Zazzle store to create a new category and add products using the new image. It's usually at this point where I finally remember to go register for copyright. XD (I think I need to make this a priority.) And there's creating files and placing orders for promotional material such as postcards, greeting cards, business cards, etc., although this doesn't happen after every painting.

I can't imagine how much extra work it would be required if I had an eBay store or Etsy store or doing ACEO and whatnot that many of my artist buddies are offering... I'm having a hard enough time wrapping my head around the licensing deals I have signed and keeping track of which company has which pieces of my art. XD
I'm sure that I will take this all in stride AND manage to produce high quality art on a regular basis once I get myself together. I'm still very excited about the whole thing taking off and loving what I do. Meanwhile, I have signed another licensing agreement to have my art on fabric blocks with Kat's Magical Patches. ^^


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