YAC 2011 Results Announcement Is Tomorrow

* My fabulous judges: Immy-is-Thinking, jeffzz111, KateSkirmish, ShiraHitsugaya (aka Derezzed-Batman)

YAC 2011 is almost over.  For the third year, I hosted this contest for young artists on deviantART.com.  I'm really fortunate to have the support of so many level-headed individuals who come to support this event whether through prize donations (from art request, prints, dA subscription to points) or time and effort serving as the juror.  Three of my five (one is me though... lol) judges are returning judges from the previous YAC.  This is something I am very pleased about.  First, they must believe in this contest having some merit, and second, they can tolerate working with me. XD  I think I'm pretty easy to get along with, but that's just my own opinion. lol

I made this certificate based on the award certificate of YAC2011, featuring the work of danika6, who was one of the winners of last year's YAC.  Every year, I make over 30 of these.  We have 3 age categories.  Each has the first, second, third place winners, plus honorable mentions (HMs vary in number per category, based on the total number of entries.).  In addition, each judge selects a Judge's Choice Award for whatever reason he/she feels compelled to give recognition to an artist.  Once the template is designed, all I have to do is retype the title of the award, artwork and the name of the artist for each certificate, so it's really not that bad, but what makes things tricky is the crazy usernames.  Growing up, I had one of the trickier names and things were either mispronounced or misspelled on a regular basis.  Although you get used to it, it is annoying, especially if done repeatedly.  So I try my hardest not to make typos on people's names, titles of the work, and so on, which makes this job rather tedious. ^^;  Good thing I won't have to deal with it again till next September.

After the certificates, I move onto the notes.  These are private message notes to the individual artists who won something.  I know that some kids watch the contest page like hawks, anxiously waiting for results, while others forget about it. (I think the latter is far healthier for your mind and possibly heart, and that'd be my preferred behavior.)  Notes are saved in draft folder until ready to be sent shortly after the announcement.  And there are another set of notes to type.  This time, for the prize donors and sponsors.  Although I have all the prizes listed, some people are bound to get confused, if by the sheer number of things being mentioned. ^^  So I go through the winners' list, compare that to the donors and prize list, and sort everything out and type up notes that would clearly state what they pledged and who the recipients are.  The last part is hoping that everyone lives up to their promises about any given prize.  I'll just have to have my faith in the goodness of my friends. ^_^


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