"Believe in Tomorrow" WIP

*Click on the picture to see a larger version.

Here's a sneak peek at my current piece, "Believe in Tomorrow" -- an all-pink image for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October).  I am fortunate to know no woman in my immediate family or closest circle of friends stricken with this disease.  However, I do have friends who have lost their mothers to breast cancer.  And with the probability being 1 in 8, this is an issue that most anyone will experience in some degree in one's lifetime.

My pink art is an image of a fae child praying for the cure in the garden of pink flowers.  I hope to achieve the soft, reassuring, peaceful mood when it's completed.  There are so many shades of pink, but some can be rather assertive and dominant while others are gentle and quiet. ^^;

*Close-up view of floral detail


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