Product Featured in Zazzle E-mail to Buyers & Sellers

OK, so the deal itself is not their most 'screaming' of all offers, but I'm totally psyched about this e-mail because of the product being featured on the second row, third from the left.  That's my Santa Muerte iPhone 4/4S Barely There Case by Case Mate!  This is my very first time that I have had one of my products featured in their official e-mails to customers and sellers/designers, so I'm psyched.  It's really exciting! :D :D :D

Here's a closer look. ^_^  

Zazzle was running a Halloween product design contest for all their new mobile phone cases, and this one just happens to be my limit-one-per-designer product that I entered into the contest.  I hope that this means that they took notice of the design. ^^;   I think the grand prize is the iPhone 4 and runners-up will receive $25 gift certificate.  I'd love any of these prizes. :D


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