"Romanza" Inked Line - Commission

   I have been working on multiple commissions simultaneously for the last week.  I will not be posting most of them, but I got a permission from the client on this one.  She requested a girl with a curly brown hair, monarch butterflies, and poppies.  This is the inked line art, ready for the next step, digital coloring.

   This has to be one of the most detailed line art I've done.  It's certainly full of flowers, and the butterflies required a lot of stippling. XD  I do like the look of stippling.  I've also gave this a little more shading than usual since I'm giving the original drawing to a very special client. ^^  I wanted the inked drawing to be able to stand on its own as an image, too.

   I'm thinking of calling this piece "Romanza", Italian for 'romance' - between the girl and the butterflies, and butterflies and flowers, and anything else the viewer picks up on.  Love is in the air~!


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