CAT SAYINGS: wit and wisdom from the whiskered ones

    Available September 1, 2012,  the book, "CAT SAYINGS: wit & wisdom from the whiskered ones" by Bradford G. Wheler, from the Book Collaborative, features famous cat quotes and cat art from 60 contemporary artists from 9 countries.  I am pleased to be included as one of the 60 artists, showing 3 of my fantasy art in this fun volume for cat lovers everywhere.

   My "Circe" (based on the Greek mythology's immortal beauty/witch), "Freyja" (based on the Norse mythology's fair-haired goddess of spring, beauty, and love, and the Queen of the Valkyries), and "Santa Muerte" (inspired by the fusion of Catholicism and the native Aztec goddess of the underworld, Mictecacihuatl) are the pieces included in this publication.  My fantasy artists friends from Enchanted Visions Project, Katerina Kukiotis, Kristin Palmer, and Jessica Morgan-Chase also have their feline pieces included.

   The book is available from the publisher's web site (save 10%),  at Amazon (save 6%), and at Barnes and Noble (save 6%).   The book is 8.5 x 5.5 inches with 136 pages.  You can also see inside the book at the Amazon link (select pages).


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