Making Some ACEOs

Most of the month of November and December ended up spent on finishing up commissions and I didn't get to do fun stuff for myself.  (We all know how the saying goes, "All work and no play...")  I was also spending most of available time making listings for my new Etsy shop (  These ACEOs that I started making are definitely part of that 'building my shop' work.  Only, to my surprise, they've been selling so fast that I can't seem to get the number of original pieces of work for sale up at all at the shop.  I'm very happy though that people like these tiny works enough to buy them.

The first one I made was of my little Tomte from the Sketchbook Project 2011.  I loved her adventures in the forest, field, streams, in the rain, etc.  I just had to revisit her for my first ACEO.  The tiny format (2.5" x 3.5") just seemed perfect for her. ^^  "Toadstool Tomte"

Then came my flower series.  "Pale Rose" was done in colored pencil only.

"Ephemera" -- now experimenting with a bit of watercolor wash with colored pencils.  The colors were so difficult to capture and adjust for it reminded me why I loved digital art so much... ^^;

"Purple Calla" -- again with watercolor wash and colored pencil.  This was a commission for someone who wanted to buy "Pale Rose" shortly after I posted it.  It was bought before I could deactivate the listing, so she got a commission, specifying the favorite flower and dominant color.

Last night, while watching TV and relaxing with family, I prepped up some ACEO sheets with watercolor and salt.  This is done with one of the sheets I played with.  "Sakura" because I can't wait for spring after so many days of bitter cold... ^^;


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