Updates on Sketch Fest Pieces

I managed to finish the Owl Masquerade.  Got sidetracked to post here.  ^^;  It's been a lot of fun to paint traditionally with watercolor.  The scanning and subsequent digital adjusting in a feeble attempt to make the scan look more like the original is always frustrating and reminds me of a big point I like about digital work.  But the browns are usually seen very well by the scanner and it's not too painful to tweak to look pretty close to the original.  I went for a soft, sepia look with this one.  I love the results!

WIP 1: The "Bone Queen" was inked and then given a wash in red all over here.  I started adding the background dark.

WIP 2: The poppies and feathers and a little bit of the face paint colored.  I want to add skeleton paint on her neck and ribs before splashing and dripping red of the poppies into the lower part of this image.  I got sick with flu at this point, so she's shelved for the time being, while I recover and try to work on the EV theme "Le Serpent" before the deadline.

And this is a rough concept sketch for my piece for the Enchanted Visions Project's "Le Serpent".  My piece's inspiration comes from a Chinese folklore, "The Tale of White Serpent".  A love story between an immortal white snake spirit, Bai Niang, and a mortal man, Xu Xian.  In a 1958 Japanese animated movie version "Hakujaden", there was a scene in which Bai Niang plays the erhu to express her feelings towards Xu Xian.  Something about the scene really captured my imagination.  I plan on adding subtle snake skin texture to her skin,  as well as peony flowers all around and behind her for a dreamy feel.


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