My First Prography Project

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year a little late (Well, if you go buy the lunar calendar, I'm not late for the Year of the Sheep just yet.  Hehe.).  I feel the dust has finally settled from all the activities during the days leading to Christmas and lingering excitement afterwards.  I've been cleaning the house (I mean, actually spending time on something other than art production for a change!), throwing old things away, ... generally making space.

As I mentioned in my last post of 2014, my new year's resolution is to do more art that are personally more meaningful and challenging to ME.  I was so wrapped up in the digi part of my art business that the rest of the stuff got all pushed away, and by the time November came, I was burned out, bored, and a little uninspired.  I think it's a dangerous trap for anyone involved in the arts.  Compromise is not a dirty word, but when we start to pay a little too much attention to the commercial value or marketability of a vision and not being truly honest to ourselves, after a while, the little voice deep inside starts to nag at you, and even when the money is good, something feels ... missing.  So before things go completely out of control for me and I become unhappy and therefore suffer the dreaded art block (I'm really fortunate to have always managed to avoid it ever since I made a commitment to my art business, but I've seen too many fellow artists who routinely complain about this...), I've made a conscious decision to allocate more time for personal project this year.  With having only 24 hours in a day, this time will have to come from my digi business.  But I believe that, in the end, this will be good for everyone involved.

One of the things I've been itching to do since sometime in 2014 was woodburning.  Hubby gave me Versa-Tool (woodburning, leather burning, soldering, etc. tool) and some wood blanks as part of my Christmas present. :D  I sat around pondering what I was going to burn onto wood and finaly decided on a rooster. Because I'm a crazy chicken lady...

I'm using the 'universal tip' to do stippling for the whole thing.  This is something I rarely do as a drawing technique because it's so timeconsuming, but I do love the distinct look it produces.  So beautiful!

This is taking hours and hours, but I find it relaxing and enjoyable.

The rooster looks like he has a scar over his eye, but there was a darker stretch of wood and it burned faster than the lighter part.  I'm learning as I go about how these things just happen. LOL

The dark spot looks so conspicuous I will have to make the background dark so that this spot that is the very center of this tree slice doesn't distract so much. ^^;  Almost done.  Maybe I can finish this tomorrow with the 'shading' tool.


  1. So creative, love your rooster so far, I think you did a great job, lots of hugs, marion


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