Edamame Sprite

Today was a double new release day at AuroraWings. :D  It's always a little hectic to write up the showcase blog, line up the new listings at multiple locations and keep the links straight.  ^^;  I'm really blessed to have a wonderful group of talented designers on both of my teams (challenge and showcase blogs) to always come through without last-minute chaos.  A few of them are so well-organized, they keep me on my toes to plan ahead and plan well.

I have been playing catch-up on many of my Sprites line art that have already been released as digis.  I have not had the chance to do color work of my own, and I do miss it.  Live everybody else, I much prefer the coloring phase of my illustration work to the line art.  The way I do my lines is pretty tight, so I always have to be focused and concentrated.  Plus, I'd like to work for a long stretch at a time (Really not a good combination for my eye health... or posture, for that matter...), it tends to be tiring, to put it mildly.

Of the two new releases, I only managed to get one of them colored in time. ^^;  At least, it's better than none.   Here's the Edamame Sprite. :D  (She could be Sweet Pea, although the leaves are different...)

I had fun with this one.  ^_^  I've grown edamame in my garden for the past three years or so.  They tend to get moldy as a seed, but once they successfully germinate, they seem to do pretty well.  Although it's so nice to be able to buy them readily in grocery stores these days (microwavable bags), I miss the time when I was growing up in Japan where we could buy whole plants in bunches (edamame pods 'on the vine', or rather 'on the stem' lol) at local vegetable stands, with dried dirt still on the roots.  Talk about fresh!

Anyhow, I think this sprite looks like a nanny or a baby sitter with a bonnet, holding the triplets in a bundle. :D  Sprites are always fun to design and draw.  I still have different vegetables and plants on my list to create.  You can tell I draw my inspiration from nature.  ^_^


  1. Such a lovely addition to the sprite collection and thank you for telling us about the background, hugs, Marion


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