Lily of the Valley and the Green Man

Playing catch-up continues at work into the third month of 2015.  *a little sad and discouraged*  Keep on keeping on!

Just finished the color version of the Lily of the Valley Sprite.  I guess it is perfect timing as things are sprouting on the western slope of the Rockies in Colorado.  I'm seeing daffodils and plum blossoms now.  (Time for me to get outside with my vinegar spray to try to kill the tiny weeds that are germinating happily!)  I used to have patches of lily of the valley around the house near foundation, but they have a habit of disappearing (some extremely cold but dry winter over the years...).  I may have to plant some.  Every time I draw a flower, I think about it and then I want it in my garden. ^^;

I was tempted to give her pink flowers, but in the end, the classic white won.   I love this baby! XD  Some flowers work really well as a hat or a bonnet, and this one just looks adorable (if I may say so myself lol).

I just finished coloring another sprite yesterday (but cannot post until the release next week), so once again, I get the itch to do something very different.  I seem to swing from one end of the spectrum to the other.  It would be terrible if I had to do nothing but cutesy stuff day after day...

I started the preliminary sketch for the Green Man digi.  This is a request won by the lucky party guest from February's 2,000 Members Celebration at Stamps by AuroraWings Facebook group.  In my version of the Green Man, he's a wise old tree spirit who has infinite wisdom and patience.  Attracts small forest animals because he's a gentle giant who protects all those in need.

I'll be tucking in a squirrel, an owl, small birds, and a butterfly in his thick foliage as I work and develop the idea.  I didn't care for a particularly young and handsome Green Man or a peculiarly sinister Green Man.  I'm getting the old, grandfatherly vibe for my first Green Man picture.  I hope I can recreate the vision in my mind.  ^_^

In Japan, there are cherry trees that are 1,000+ years old.  It's mind boggling to imagine something could live that long.  Of course, not all cherry trees are long lived.  In fact, they're prone to getting weakened or dying from insect damage, seasonal flooding, and bark damage.  But when the condition, where a tree establishes itself, is favorable, it can manage to live for centuries, and generations of people respond to it with reverence.  It's an amazing sight to behold when you visit these thousand-year old trees and see lots of support lumber put in place by people. (Just imagine the weight of the blossoms, followed by leaves during peak of growth!)

Photo Credit: Kenichiro Saito
Miharu Takizakura in Fukushima, Japan in the spring of 2011
News article in English

I can almost see the spirit or the fairy of that cherry tree among the frothy branches dripping in pink... So magnificent!


  1. I think a cherry blossom fairy/green woman/Mother Nature would be a great idea!! Isn't that what you were hinting at? Well, it's a fabulous idea anyway. I had no idea that those trees could live so long! What an absolute marvel.
    I love Green Men!! I cannot wait to see your completed version in all his flora and fauna finery!

  2. We had a little lily of the valley patch in our backyard. It was my mom's favorite and her birth month flower. I loved Muguet de Bois perfume when I was young. This year it will be 20 years since she's been gone and if she were living, she'd be 103. Not quite as old as those cherry trees, LOL. How magnificent. Your Green man looks amazing! Can't wait to see him finished. xxD

  3. Love the version of your green man and your colouring. The cherry tree looks awesome, can not believe that trees can live that long, but is wonderfull, lots of hugs, Marion

  4. We have Lily of the Valley, I absolutely love both them and Freesia they smell divine. I was almost tempted to buy some pink Lily of the Valley a few weeks ago, but they sold out before I could get them :( What a magnificent looking Cherry Blossom tree, wouldn't it be wonderful if we aged as well as Blossom Trees do Mitzi, they get more and more beautiful and stronger the older they get and we just get weaker and wrinkly lol. I'm really looking forward to seeing your Green Man when he's finished he looks fabulous. I know that you've been mega busy but I was wondering if you ever got around to finishing the "Rooster" that you were wood burning Mitzi? Huge Hugz Lorraine xxx


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