Another Celebration at Stamps by AuroraWings FB Group

I'll be hosting another celebration tomorrow! :D  This time, we are celebrating the 2,250 members milestone.  We just had a party when we hit 2,000 back in February, but I enjoy these events.  And members always seem to have fun. :D

Since Sunday is Easter, this celebration will be just Friday and Saturday, with the color contest running through next week to give everyone some time to play.  Other than that, it's pretty much the same format as all the parties I've hosted online in the past.  Fun and games with prizes and a freebie.  Speaking of a freebie, I just finished it about an hour ago.  ^^;  Talk about cutting it close!  Not my idea.  It's just that spring is a busy time with cleaning, garden tending, etc.  At least, Jr. is still off from school for spring break, so I can sleep a tiny bit longer than usual in the morning, and the household gets to experience a little less stress.  I'll be glad when school gets out for summer.

Back to the topic of the celebration tomorrow.  We'll be kicking off the weekend event with a new release showcase over at the AW Showcase Blog.  I've got a really well-organized ladies over at the Showcase, so it's always a pleasure.  Everything is all set and ready to go as I write. :D *awesome*

Then I'll be posting games/contests where different prizes will be offered.  I'll probably have more long-duration contests than short-duration ones this time to keep it easier for me.  It's crazy to have to scroll down so many comments, counting the total entries and then locating the random winner(s).  ^^;

I'll be finishing a brand new digi here tonight as a special 'free gift with purchase' offer during the weekend.  This is separate from the freebie digi I'll be giving out regardless of whether or not the members want to participate in the coloring contest.  As I mentioned earlier, this one is finished and ready. :D

There are lots of things I'll have to keep track of - like activating the new release at the shops and making sure the blog is live and links actually work. I've done this many times since last year, but it's always a little hurried and slightly stressful, unfortunately. LOL

I hope to see lots people there popping in and out at the FB group this weekend (April 3 & 4, 2015).  If you're not a member yet, be sure to request to join and either I or a member of the admins will approve your request in a timely manner.  The freebie will be only available at the group, so this is crucial. ;)

I'm off to finish the new Sprite!  


  1. Many congrats on reaching this milestone, see you at the party, lots of hugs and love, Marion


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