Thursday, March 31, 2011

100 Paper Cranes

Just finished my 100th paper crane this morning. As it turns out, I can fold one in about 3 minutes if I don't have other distractions like reading e-mail or watching a movie. XD So this project got done faster than I expected. I think I'm going ahead and mail them out tomorrow to in Seattle, WA.

Here's a picture of the first 50. I will take a photo of my other 50 this afternoon for my record and also for posting on their facebook page. I've used nothing but imported authentic Japanese origami paper for this project. It's just easier to have square paper out of the package rather than try to cut them myself, plus, the printing quality on the paper is just superb, resulting in beautiful paper cranes.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stamps from Queen Kat Designs

What an exciting news! Five of my artwork have been released on laser-etched rubber stamps by Queen Kat Designs and there will be more getting released in the coming months.

The first five designs are:

*Rite of Spring

*Orchids in the Rain

*Dreaming on Aquamarine Tides


*Viridis Incendia

There is going to be a Facebook party to celebrate the launch of my line planned for April 27th. This event will include prize giveaways such as prints, cards, and a calendar.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Paper Cranes for Japan

"Paper Crane (折紙の鶴) for Japan" -- just a quick snapshot ^^I got invited by a facebook friend to a paper crane folding party. I knew that this "Paper Cranes for Japan" thing got started right away after the disaster by in association with, but I wasn't aware that the Bezos Family Foundation was donating $2 for each origami crane that is mailed to toward Architecture for Humanity's reconstruction effort in Japan. They are aiming for 100,000 paper cranes to be sent in to raise $200,000. If you make 50 of these, will send you a prepaid postage label to cover your shipping cost. I'm pretty fast at making paper cranes so I'm going to aim for at least that many in the next day or two.More information on this project can be found at the's information page. And here is the link to the Paper Cranes for Japan project's facebook page where you can post your crane and show support. I have made 38 yesterday, ran out of paper, but now found some more stashed away in the house. So I'll be making more today.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Today's Best Award at

Lady of Compassion Bookmark

Just this morning, I added this image to my AuroraWings shop at, and found out now that it has been awarded Today's Best Award. I seem to be getting a lot of these lately. ^^

Lady of Compassion

Lady of Compassion by Mitzi Sato-Wiuff
A partial view of "Lady of Compassion". Full size view at my page (click on the image to enlarge).

The art trade piece with an artist friend over at is finally complated. Normally, my lines take much longer than the coloring process, but this time, the coloring took even longer than the lines in ballpoint pen. I think it was well worth the time though. I really like the results. I am seeing a slight shift in my painting approach and hopefully even a bit of improvement over the past few pieces.

This one is also my humble prayer for all those affected by the catastrophic earthquake in Japan. May the people find the courage to begin the healing process and be on the path to recovery and rebuilding soon...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WIP: Lady of Compassion (Remedy)

Finally got started on the art trade piece that I had planned for Amdhuscias over at deviantART. I think we agreed to do an art trade back in October of 2010. I'm so slow with stuff like this it's embarrassing unbelievable. ^^;

What he asked for was "a personification of 'remedy' in shades of green" for our trade piece. I asked him to do a traditional Thai dancer in full regalia. I got started on a sketch a while back, but the catastrophic earthquake and its aftermath in Japan brought out a different image in my mind.

Lady of Compassion - line

It's very much in my style, but heavily influenced by Buddhist sculptures of such deities as Kwan Yin, Medicine Buddha, Green Tara, etc. The color scheme is going to be mostly green, as requested, with most likely hint of pink, purple, brown, & blue.
This is my humble prayer for Japan -- to begin the long process of recovery, rebuilding, and healing.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Today's Best Award at

Viridis Incendia iPhone 4 Case from

Viridis Incendia iPhone 4 Case

Just received another Today's Best Award at Zazzle for an iPhone 4 case I made yesterday after making two products to donate to the spcial Japan earthquake relief shop. "Viridis Incendia" has also been a recipient of Daily Deviation honor back in 2009 on One of my favorite doodles of all time. I love it as a pen drawing that I've never attempted to color it. Awards like these make me believe this piece is best left uncolored.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Earthquake Relief iPad Case from

Japan Earthquake Relief Support iPad Case

Just made this product as my contribution to the Zazzle's community store for the Japan Earthquake Relief Support. They're also selling a special T-shirts, with $10 of the price of each to be donated to Red Cross. The member conributed products will have all the royalties (10% of the item price) donated to Red Cross. I feel that it is not nearly as effective as a straight donation, but it gives graphic designers and artists an opportunity to participate in a small way in support of the relief effort of this terrible disaster.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquake in Japan

It's most unfortunate that my first blog entry for site had to be about the catastrophic earthquake and its aftermath in Japan. I am from Japan, though I live in the US now. All of my immediate family and relatives live over there. Luckily, the ones closest to me live in Nagano prefecture where damage was minimal despite three quakes in two days. I do have relatives on my father's side that live in the northeast region close to the hardest hit area. It is heartbreaking to see devastation of this scale. Watching the news footage of the aerial view of tsunami was horrifying.

For now, I find comfort in knowing that my sister, her husband, their daughter, and my folks are safe and sound. Most of my friends from childhood are also safe. There are, however, many others -- friends and acquaintances -- that I am simply not certain of. All I can do is pray for their safety and their loved ones' safety. Natural disasters like this make one feel utterly helpless. I've had nothing but reflection on life and its fragility all day.

I wish the people of Japan -- the survivors -- will find hope and courage and rise from this chaos once again, like they have done countless times in history. People are resilient. Crises like this can bright people together and bring wonderful things. I hope something positive will come out of this in the long, hard process of recovery and rebuilding.