"Clockwork Fantasia" Color Test

   A quick color test on the inked lines of "Clockwork Fantasia".  I think I like the way this looks.  The figures will be more defined when I do the full coloring, of course.  I just wanted to see the steampunk world in the 'golden age' shades. ^^  The more I look at this, the more I'm convinced that I'm paying an homage to Hayao Miyazaki and his wonderful movies.  There's a lot of girls and flying in his movies.  And his designs of flying machines are simply amazing and so inspirational.

   Growing up in Japan, I was exposed to a lot of his work when he was a lead animator of a lot of TV anime series (Long long time ago!).  I loved his 未来少年コナン (Future Boy Conan) among many others.  I'm so glad that we can now see his movies in theaters in the US.  Although the dubs are often disappointing, but I'm glad that the serious anime fans prefer to watch with subs.


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