Concept Rough for EV's November Theme

November 2012's theme for the Enchanted Visions Project is "Clockwork Fantasia".  I ended up choosing  the theme because Amy was busy and Lisa wanted it to be 'steampunk' but didn't want to use the term in the title.  Mechanical and inventive technological aspect is a big part of steampunk genre, so I suggested 'clockwork' to be used in the title.  'Fantasia' is just another word for 'fantasy', so it's basically 'Steampunk Fantasy'. ^^;

This is my third steampunk piece.  I personally like the flying machines and fantastical inventions we can come up with the most when we play in this genre.  Victorian fashion with top hat and goggles thrown in is nice, but it's more fun to have the gears in action, so to speak, rather than having them used merely for ornamentation in a static portrait.

For colors, I think I want to go light this time.  I've done my previous two in dark browns, gold, and black.  This time, I want white introduced into the brown and gold mix.  I think it will be a fun piece.


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