"Forgotten Summer" for EV

   Still doing those quick experimental pieces that I started last week.  This time, I wanted to see if I can do something with a little boy fae in the scene and also introducing a bit of color.  I have been enjoying beautiful fall days with wonderful foliage here in Colorado (Very grateful for that!), and these colors are definitely inspiring me to paint nature.   This prompt/theme, "Forgotten Summer", has been up on my list ever since I joined (It's one of the older ones.), and I kept meaning to tackle it, but just never could come up with an image in my head.  Yesterday, though, was my lucky day.  I sat at my desk with a blank sheet of paper and this sketch pretty much drew itself very quickly.  I was tempted to ink over in my usual style and go really colorful, but I wanted to capture the pensive mood of the fae, so I decided to do my quick style.  It's a minimalistic approach with very few layers used with very few tools and usually only one color (many variations of shades within).

   All I can say is that my current experimental style is very much a reflection of my current mood.  It might be the season with fall leaves and pending approach of the cold weather.  There's a bit of a shade of grey lurking in my otherwise very cheerful personality lately.  ^^;


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