Sketch Fest #35 March 26-27, 2013

This Sketch Fest was the second of the month, celebrating the 3rd birthday of Sketch Fest, which started in 2010.  I won't go into the history (You can learn all about it at the site. since I'm one of the SF newbies and feel hardly qualified to talk about the history.  Anyhow, this birthday event was supposed to be just 24 hours starting at midnight.  The site had encountered a few server crashes, so there were time extensions and ended up running from 26th to the 27th.   I've only started participating in January 2013, but it's been fun and I do produce a lot of sketches and quickie mini-pieces, which I tend not to do on my own.

Started with the prompt, "Entwined Pearls (in Her Hair)".  I like drawing big hair with objects such as flowers and pearls embedded, so this was a given.  I also noticed that the prompter was the same person who gave the "Stars Entwined in Her Hair" in the last SF, so I thought it might be cool to have a pair of pieces.  This scan shows the ACEO (2.5"x3.5") after 1 hour of pencil sketch and going over the lines with ink.

Next I did "Poppies", a prompt by the same prompter.  I guess she gives out prompts that appeal to me.  This one was stopped at 1 hour.  5"x7" vellum.  I am still working on it. ^^;

Then I did "Dogwood Blossoms".  I thought tucking in a little owl would be cute. ^^;  I like drawing owls and this just seemed like a perfect setup since dogwood is a tree with a lot of delicate branches for perching little critters on.  ACEO.  Pencil sketch was inked over.  35 minutes.

The fourth one and I promised to myself that this will be the last one of the 'sketches'.  I've already accumulated several pieces of sketches that I would like to finish, but new Sketch Fest event seems to come around before I finish all of them.  This time though, I'm determined to finish all these small pieces.   At least within days of the Sketch Fest.  ACEO "Daisy Fairy" -- 35 minutes from pencil sketch to inked lines.

The cool thing about Sketch Fest is that comments pour in during the event, so you get immediate feedback on buyers' interest if there's any after you post the sketches.  I tend to tackle the ones with buyer interest first with color to finish.  This one was colored in watercolor, and sold to the prompter.  ACEO in ink & watercolor on bristol 115 lb.

I ended up doing all of my ACEOs this time on bristol for the smoothness of the surface, hoping to color some in colored pencil.  I did the Daisy Fairy in Prismacolor.  It does take quite a bit longer than watercolor, but I do enjoy the look of colored pencil, although the scan ended up looking a lot like watercolor. ^^;  Sold to a collector.

This is probably my favorite of SF 35.  ACEO "Pearls" in ink, watercolor, & iridescent acrylic on bristol 115 lb.  The scan does not capture the iridescent paint, but some of the pears, flower petals, and her skin has a hint of iridescence which can only be enjoyed if you're holding this piece in your hand and be able to angle it to the light.  I think original ACEOs with things like that are fun for the collector (and fun for me to make).  Sold to the prompter.

I still have the "Poppies" that I'm working on.  The lines are all inked and it just needs to be colored now.  Nothing else is hanging over my head to be finished later, which is good! :D

UPDATE (March 29, 2013): "Poppies" has been finished.  Decided to go black & white with stippling for shading the flower petals rather than coloring in watercolor.


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