Sketch for a New EV Theme

This month's theme is "Changes" for the Enchanted Visions Project.  I was unable to get started on a piece for the last month's theme, "Forbidden".  I am allowing myself a little extra time and getting started relatively early ahead of the April 9th deadline.

This is the scan made of the good support.  I did the rough on 8.5 x 11 sheet originally, but before inking the image I decided to transfer the lines onto a nice vellum so that IF I decide to do a traditional version of it, I'll have a good paper that will take mixed media.

The paper I am using for this piece is actually 9 x 12, which is slightly wider than the width of my scanner and that is why there's grey across the bottom of the image.   I am doing this theme in Japanese setting with different noh masks and kimono all around the central female figure.  She will be holding the hannya mask when it's all done.  I expect this one to be quite colorful and detailed when it's all done.


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