Update on Pieces from Sketch Fest #36

Here's a snap shot from tonight.   First up from the stash of ACEOs inked during last weekend's Sketch Fest: "Honeysuckle" and "Lotus".  Both were colored using watercolor.  "Lotus" for sure has the prompter ready to purchase as soon as she is done, so I will be posting a scan of her at the SF web site tomorrow as soon as I get a decent scan.  As for "Honeysuckle", I'm not sure what I'll do yet. ^^

I also prepped "Fairy Sitting on a Toadstool", but she just has the first wash of green.  I still have a long way to go with that one.  I took most of today off from art making and took care of things around the house. ^^  I'm adding 2 more Square Foot Garden boxes in the backyard for planting.  We'll also be building an extension to the chicken run this spring... just as soon as the weather gets reasonably and consistently warm.


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