$1 Original ACEO Auction

My "Magnolia Sprite" ACEO (This is an ink & watercolor ORIGINAL!!) is now up for an auction starting at $1.00.  It is listed at the Fantasy Art Auctions web site.  There are a lot of wonderful originals, prints, and digital downloads from many of my artist friends, too.  So please stop by and check out this new auction site dedicated to fantasy art. :)

And here's an update from the Sketch Fest #36...  I finished this one a while ago.  Just forgot to post it here on my blog. ^^;

And these, too.

I'll be putting the kitten one and the fairy sitting on a toadstool one up for auctions in the coming weeks at the same site I mentioned above.  So watch for them if you're interested in snagging them to add to your collection. :)


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