Second Update on Pieces from the Sketch Fest 36

Two more ACEOs finished this afternoon: "Forget Me Not" and "Magnolia Sprite".  Both were done in ink & watercolor.  I can't believe I gave the Magnolia Ssprite's wings highlights.  That was tiny and tedious! XD I love the way it turned out though.  Time well spent.

I have been too busy to tackle my stash of sketches made during last month's Sketch Fest.  I still have four more ACEOs to finish, and then some larger pieces as well.  The next Sketch Fest is looming on the horizon... ^^;

Busy with so many projects of different kinds -- not just art.  It's all good! :)

EDIT: (May 8, 2013) Just colored another ACEO that was sitting in the same stash.  Here's "Kitten in a Teacup".  Judging from the response I'm seeing of people, this may turn into a series...


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