Art from Sketch Fest #37

The Sketch Fest #37 took place on Mother's Day weekend.  I had so much going on I couldn't participate at all on Friday.  Overall, this SF was less productive than my average.  I'm behind in posting things, so I won't bother with the incomplete sketches, but just post what I've finished.  (Sketch Fest has a nasty habit of accumulating unfinished sketches which start to feel like a mountain of homework... ^^; )

A quick snap shot of "Princess of the Sea" ACEO in ink & watercolor on vellum (140 lb.) which was done to the prompt "Crown of Pearls, Shells, and Stars".  This is kind of like a sister to my "Jellyfish Dance" ACEO which was done in similar style and color scheme.  This one is much prettier in person than the photo captures.  ^^;  I have 4 more inked and ready to color pieces and a single pencil scribble that still needs inking from SF 37.  I'm sure I'll get around to them ... eventually. XD


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