"Diamonds" for the Calendar Project with the FTA

It's been a crazy busy November so far.  I will not be participating in Enchanted Visions Project as we resume activity after our summer hiatus that ran a little longer than originally planned (no complaints here from me lol).  Commissions are piling up again and inquiries keep coming.  Signed with a few new companies for licensing agreement, so things are staying busy as ever.

I am usually a person who feels strictly about deadlines and hardly ever late (except for EV themes in the past).  I was late for the submission deadline for the Femme Thou Art's calendar project.  This was thought up by someone fairly late in the year, and hastily put together as a project plan and a monthly auction theme.  I guess I wasn't really feeling 'it'. ^^;

I picked April, and thus diamonds, for the birth stone to be interpreted and illustrated.  White and anything colorless are actually harder to convey than things with color, so I kind of kicked myself in the head for picking my birth month of April after the fact.

The line art was completed a few days before the deadline, and edited and posted as a digital stamp at the Etsy shop.  The digi is available here.

The Sketch Fest has been very productive of late, both in terms of artistic creativity and sales.  So I made a point of participating as much as I could this past weekend while I had many other errands that kept me away from my art area.   That definitely cut into the time I had left for this project. XD

Here's a close-up/cropped view of the colored illustration.  Since diamonds have been associated with purity, I added the lilies and roses to also emphasize that quality.  Sweet pea was also added since it is the birth flower of April.  I wish I had a little more time to work on this.  Things generally feel rushed these days.  ^^;


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