Sketch Fest # 44 Nov. 15 ~ 17, 2013

Another Sketch Fest weekend! :D  The weekend of 15, 16, 17 was a busy one with extra events happening.  My daughter was performing as the first chair cellist in the School District High School Honor Orchestra.  They had extra rehearsals with the guest conductor on Friday and Saturday before the concert, so I was away from my work area a lot during these 3 days.

When the Sketch Fest first begin Friday afternoon, prompts are slow to come as many participants (artists and buyers alike) are still finishing up the work week and not home and free yet. ^_^  I was being a chauffer to my daughter until well after 5 PM, so nothing much got done on Friday afternoon.

First one "Sleepy Bunny Elf" (*sold*) to a prompt "Bunny Elf".  I'm sorry, but I'm just not into scantily clad pinup-y females.   That's just not what I get into. ^^:  So I'm going for the cute, whimsical, and adorable, instead.  A baby elf in bunny pajamas and slippers.  So cuddley!

Somebody put in the prompt "Totoro!". :D  So here it is.  Fan art stuff is fun to do.  "Totoro Tower".  Since I feel "illegal" about sales of fanart, I decided to just give this one away to the first person who asked for it, who was willing to pay for the shipping. ^_^  (*claimed*)

"The Little Penguin" (*sold*) done to a promopt "The little penguin".  The emperor penguin babies are just so adorable with their black and white head with grey body.  I love them.  They're huge babies though, actually. lol  I decided to do something whimsical and cute for the holidays.  I tend to always be behind on holiday themed art.  My shop is very low on holiday-themed digi's.  So, it's two birds with one stone time!  Make an ACEO that can be turned into a digi.  This way, Sketch Fest is a very productive venture for me.  Sell the originals and sell the digi's made from them. :D

"Meditating Mushroom" (*sold*) for the prompt of the same.  This prompt almost had my name written on it! Haha.  Mushrooms do look like little sprites meditating, so this came to me very quickly. :D

"Christmas Kitten" (*sold*) to a prompt "Christmas Kitty".  It was interesting to see all other artists who tackled this prompt made a furry... or a pinup-y girl with cat ears.  I'm a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady, so naturally, I produce a cute kitten illustration.  Seasonal.  For a reason. XD

"Poinsettia Sprite" to a prompt "Poinsettia Fairy".  I've been meaning to do a poinsettia sprite to add to my sprite series.  So this was a perfect opportunity.  I love all the novelty varieties of poinsettias the nurseries come up with every season, but I'm still most drawn to the classic red variety.  These plants speak "Christmas!" to me.  I love the large red and green leaves in a pot every holiday season.

*** Random Tip of the Day ***
When purchasing a pot of poinsettia, choose a relatively warm day above 40 degrees (for the trip from the store to your car -- this is crucial).  Ask the store clerk/cashier to put the pot in a paper bag then ask for another paper bag and use it to cover the top by inverting this second bag over the first bag to encase the poinsettia plant completely.  The leaves of the plant hate cold air touching them.  If you ever had bought one of these plants only to see them drop most of the leaves within days, the reason is cold air exposure. ^_^

"Purple Rose"(*sold*) to the prompt of the same.  In the last Sketch Fest, I did a Rose Fairy who looked like a younger version of this with red petals.  Same approach here.  Lose and quick. ^_^

"Frozen Heart" to the prompt "Ice Tiara".  I imagined an elven queen whose heart was broken, who then felt her heart frozen to all emotions and became numb.  Somone said this reminded her of the White Witch from Narnia.  I LOVE Tilda Swinton in that role.  To me, she is the perfect enbodiment of the Ice Queen. 

"Pumpkin Pie Kitten" to a prompt "Pumpkin Pie Kitty".  Well, I think a lot of cat owners had experience very similar to this.  Baked a beautiful pie or cake, leave it up on a kitchen counter, and the little mischief maker helps herself to it.  But you know, you just can't stay mad at that face! XD  Amy Brown, on Facebook, said that she had this happen to her pies.  Her cat was eating from one while sitting in the other. lol  Ruin two pies with one kitty!

Well, that's all for Sketch Fest 44.  I'll be making digi's of these in the next few days -- just in time for the holidays. :D


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