Going Nuts -- Themed Auction Piece

Sick again with flu-like symptoms. T_T  This is never fun for anyone.  My neck is stiffening up and I've been feeling weak.  I needed to get this piece out of the way, so I finished it this afternoon.  I will most likely go to bed early tonight. ^^;

"Going Nuts for the Nutcracker" 5" x 7" in ink & watercolor on bristol vellum (140 lb.) for the upcoming themed auction at the Bubble Gum Dreams - Artist Collective.  I only participate when I feel like it (when the time allows and a theme sounds interesting), which is exactly the kind of group for me.  I'm also a part of another collective, but not enjoying it nearly as much. ^^;

Anyhow, the theme was "Going Nuts".  I thought about a girl chipmunk falling madly in love with the Nutcracker Prince for his special skill.  :D  It's a whimsical, lighthearted piece.  I like going back and forth between dark and serious and light and whimsical in my art.  I had to choose between a chipmunk and a squirrel.  I like the stripes on the chipmunk, but I also like the bushy tail of the squirrel.  But in the end, chipmunk won.  I know, I'm oddly grounded in reality in my fantasy work by insisting chipmunks to not have bushy tails. LOL  That's just how I am.  Another odd thing is obviously the chipmunk's ballet technique -- she's properly turned out and her arabesque foot is properly beveled.  Yes, I guess years of study  (and teaching) show up in my artwork when I least expect it. XD

This seasonal illustration's line art is already listed at my Etsy shop as a digital stamp.  See link below the line art.

I think this digi would make adorable season's greetings as well as special occasion cards for little girls in the Nutcracker ballet performances.  (Ahhh, the memories... ^_^ )


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