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I've been trying to catch up in so many areas lately that I have not been able to sit down and work on a drawing for a while.  The chicks have arrived.  The weather has warmed and the garden needed planting, not to mention the front yard needing a mow.  And my web site's digi shop is still a work-in-progress (since January).  I am making progress, but there's always something that needed to be added to the list of 'things to do'.  Well, at least, my daughter is out of school for summer, so there's no extra things happening on that front ,at least - for the next 3 months!

This morning, I accidentally sliced my left index finger at the first joint in a shape of an L with a piece of glass.  I was just finished with feeding the cats for the morning, and didn't have my contacts in yet.  One of the kitties decided to cozy up next to my legs as I started to walk away from their food dishes.  Trying not to step on or kick the cat, I ended up stumbling and throwing my hand randomly out onto the shelf, which had some sheets of glass for stained glass...  Ouch!

This injury pretty much prevented me all day from doing any more work in the garden.  And it was a nice, overcast, cooler day, perfect for gardening!! *mad* So I decided it was time that I was going to work on the digi I've been thinking about making...

Themes on the dark side are something I go back to from time to time.  Sprites and fairies are nice, but I also like things that are creepy and ... dark!  After working on "Leanne's Angel", which was A4, and enjoying it so much, I decided to get this started on 8.5 x 11 inches.  With space, comes details.  I like adding a bit of stippling when I draw skulls.  You know I'm drawing for fun when I start shading dot by dot like this. :D  I'll probably also end up shading the poppy leaves with a bit of stippling at this rate.    I almost forgot how much fun it is to use my favorite drawing tool  - ballpoint pen.  It just suits my personality the best.

I'm calling this one "Memento Mori".  I couldn't think of any other flower to place by the skull than poppies.  I do draw a lot of poppies.   They are one of my recurring themes.

I hope my left index finger will feel better tomorrow.  At least, good enough to do light yard work.  I should be able to finish inking this piece in the morning with just the blooms, seedpods, and buds left to go... oh, and the spider !!  How could I forget?!


  1. I am so sorry for your finger Mitzi... Hope it will soon heal... But it didn't stop you from creating another masterpiece ! This is gorgeous ! I wish I had as much talent as you have in one of your fingers (even the injured one !!!) Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

    1. Aww, thank you for your kind words, Catherine. ^_^ Hugs, Mitzi xx

  2. Sorry to hear you have injured your finger and hope it feel better soon. WOW this is amazing, not my particular favourite theme but can very much appreciate the skill it takes to draw this.
    Linda xxx


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