Update on the New Drawing

The day after I started this drawing, I ended up prepping my garden for planting as the weatherman was forecasting some precipitation and cloudy skies toward the weekend.  Such perfect gardening weather is hard to come by here in the desert west, so I just had to take advantage of it, despite my finger injury. :D  Double BandAide and rubber glove on top kept it clean from the dirt while I dug and moved soil and planted flowers.  I'm happy to say we're 95% finished.  Just a little bit left to go, but I can do it in one cool morning now.

After the cooler temperature, nice cloud cover, and steady precipitation over the weekend, it's finally back to business as usual for the weather around here.  Sunny and hot!  The inside of the chicken coop was 100 degrees, so it was clearly too hot for gardening outside.

Finishing mowing and sowing sunflower seeds this morning, I was able to sit at my work desk and finish inking this piece for a digi. :D  I can only show a snapshot taken at a funky angle and in bad light for now as this has not been released yet.  But you get the idea.  Skull, spider, and lots of poppies. This time, though, the poppies referenced are opium poppies.  Death and eternal sleep are symbolism associated with poppies.
I'm calling this one "Memento Mori". ^_^

On the lighter, more whimsical note, I also did a quick sketch in pencil of this elf boy holding a baby dragon up to his ear.  I probably draw some leaves to the lower right of the image to frame the duo later, but I like the way these guys look so far. ^_^

Now that the outdoor work is almost done (until next weeding, of course), you know what else I need to complete?  "Leanne's Angel", the original watercolor.  She's been sitting on my shelf half finished.  I really need to get to her. ^^;


  1. Love the Memento Mori image, and the attention to the details and relevance of the Opium poppies. I admire not only your artistic talent, but your intelligence in your work, as well.
    The little (elf?) boy and his dragon are too cute! Can't wait to see them all inked up.

    1. Glo, that's such a sweet thing to say! Thank you!!
      Big hugs, Mxx

  2. Love love love your creations Mitzi... Thank you for sharing with us ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  3. Fabulous, loving the new drawing too!
    Linda xxx

  4. love your creations Mitzi, they are so beautiful and symbolical.
    hugs, Helena


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