Sketching Away

When an idea hits, it comes in waves. :D  I'm sure I'm feeling extra creative after a period of sickness, health scare about one of our kitties, and all that yarden work that required a lot of my attention!  Got three sketches started today, and I have more ideas ready to come out onto the paper when time allows. :D

My apologies for the dark photo.  My pencil scribbles are notoriously light to begin with, and the pic was taken under artificial light late in the afternoon, so yeah, ... can't say I'm too happy about the quality of the photo, but it gives enough of a general idea of the image and that is what it is for. :D  It's an angel sitting with arrangement of calla lilies.  This should be fun to ink - as there are folds, floating strip of cloth that weaves in and out of limbs and stems, etc.  Just my kind of thing.

And here's a scan (slightly better to see the super-light pencil strokes) of Bird of Paradise Sprite.  Such a unique flower shape, so it was a challenge to come up with a sprite design.  Always fun though.

I'm already fond of this baby - Wisteria Sprite.  It's cutesier than I had originally envisioned, as I've always considered wisteria vines to be graceful and elegant - rather mature or grown-up feeling than this little cutie conveys.  But it is a sprite after all.  Light and whimsical are the essential qualities.  I decided to put the flower clusters as the sprite's pigtails.  ;)   Love these little pouffy pants.


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