Wisteria Sprite

My last blog post was exactly a week ago.  During that time, I didn't get to work on art nearly as much as I would have liked.  There was a lot going on, once again, with life in general.  ^^; And I'm still playing catch-up on the web site's digital stamp shop.  (Will I ever be able to catch up and complete that?  Hmmm.)

At least, I finished this baby today.  ^_^  Once again, I used my trusty old (and I mean, seriously old version of...) Corel Painter to color this new sprite, "Wisteria Sprite".  The line art version will be available as a digi... soon.  My Etsy listing is in draft and ready to go.  I'm waiting to see if we might be able to do something special... like a special launch with a card by a member of the DT to go along.  ^_^  I was originally going to color her just enough to make a partially colored preview sample for my Etsy listing, but ended up completing her all the way. XD  It's just too much fun.  Much like when I worked on Marie Antoinette.  ^^;  At least, the good thing for finishing is that now this image can be made available as a PSP tube as well.  (And I do think this baby would make an adorable and rather appealing tube.)

I'm getting ready to work on the "Bird of Paradise Sprite".  And I have started a sketch on "Lily of the Valley Sprite", which, until today, has always given me somewhat of a block.  I was finally able to resolve the design issue.  So I might have another new baby soon. :D

I really need to ink the "Sympathy Angel".  The pencil sketch is done and I just need to find a nice chunck of time alone, without distraction, to complete her.  It would also be nice if I have time to color her, like I did with the Wisteria Sprite today.  ^_^  *fingers crossed*


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