New Release "Marie Nyantoinette"

With my daughter's school back in session, this week was a little more hectic than I anticipated (and I anticipated busy and loaded schedule).  This morning was a bit of a struggle as I had less than an hour to wrap up all the loose ends I had to quickly take care of before the new release + DT showcase of the new digi "Marie Nyantoinette".

The digi was finished a while ago, but with so many other things going on, I didn't get around to start on the full-color version till it was too late. ^^;  I ended up making the "partially colored sample" that goes with the Etsy listing out of half finished image this time around. XD   Well, I'll get around to it.  Just have too many things on my plate at the moment.  And you know how it is.  When you're already stretched to the limit, more work flows in from forgotten sources.

I just recently had to turn down a commission request (I've been turning down so many commission requests since around March of this year...) from a family friend.  Because of the health situation he is in, plus it was for a family reunion, with his parents celebrating something like a 50th year wedding anniversary, I felt terrible for saying 'no', but it simply was not feasible.  He wanted a family portrait ... hand drawn with who knows how many members (He has 3 kids himself, and I have no idea how many siblings he has.).  And he wanted it by next month...  Not possible. :(

Close up look at the work in progress.  I've added 'mouches' (fake beauty marks that were all the rage back in the day).
I've become quite 'unavailable' to people who used to know me casually or from my ballet days.  I still get asked to teach ballet classes (How amazing is that?), and get inquiries for Japanese lessons, but you know... I'm doing what I really wanted to do and enjoy doing, and I no longer have to do all these other things I'd rather say 'no' to, even if it's art-related.  I feel very fortunate about my current situation, but not everyone has caught on to my schedule change. ^^;  I guess I'll be fielding similar questions a little longer. LOL


  1. Mitzi, Good for you ! Your creations bring you joy and your followers too ! I say do what you love, and in your case
    (you are awesome at it !)
    That's a bonus :) Blessings, Holly


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