Angel of Sympathy

The original sketch of this was done on June 13.  I just looked back at the blog post and confirmed.  So almost 10 weeks had gone by before I finally got around to inking it. T_T  Better late than never!  Not always, but for most anything that I start out doing, this saying definitely fits.  So, I'm happy that I managed to get around to it.

My second angel.  I'm going ahead and releasing her as a digital stamp without the fanfare of the showcase.  After all, I feel it's kind of depressing to color an image that's primarily for sympathy cards.  Also, you just never know when someone might need it.  I feel better to make her available sooner than later.

Ink on paper, 8.5" x 11".  While I was working on sprites (They can be easily drawn in a space smaller than a sheet of paper one fourth of this size.), this just seemed like an enormous task and I danced around it until it got buried under other projects.  Once I finished these two monster line drawings for the collaborative coloring book projects, this one seemed like a nice easy walk in a park.  Funny how a change of perspective is all it takes sometimes to remove the fear and trepidation from something.  ^^;  Like I've said before many times, cleaning lines as I ink is not a meditative, pleasant undertaking.  It's simply nerve-racking and stressful.  Requires much concentration, focus, and control.  At the end of a session (as I tend to work in a really long stretch unless someone/something comes up to bother me), my eyes are tired and my right shoulder definitely holds a lot of tension.  Not fun. LOL  I need to learn to take small breaks.  (The reason I can't take breaks is that despite all this complaining I do, I'm having FUN with all this!)

Over all, pretty happy with it.  Don't know if I ever get to color it with the work load lined up already...  I still haven't had a chance to finish the colored version of "Leanne's Angel"...

Anyhow, I'm just happy that I'm feeling almost back to normal after something like a food poisoning on Sunday.  Today was the first time I could comfortably sit at my drawing table and work. :)  It feels good to get one of the almost-forgotten pieces finished.  Always a good feeling.

UPDATE:  "Angel of Sympathy" is now at my Etsy shop here and at the AW web shop here.  The digi comes at 2100 x 2700 pixels at 300 dpi (7"x 9"/17.8 x22.9 cm), large enough if you want to color the angel for framing, or size down for any card project.


  1. This is soo beautiful! Thank you for creating something so amazing to share with us. She will be added to my collection for sure. :)

  2. Shes beautiful Mitzi and so right for a sympathy card I have great difficulty finding the right one for my cards and this one is just right. hugs Shirleyxxxxx


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