The Gift

I had the line art done a while ago and released the inked with no colors version as a digital stamp last month.  Finally got around to color this piece -- "The Gift", one of Enchanted Visions Project's older themes I never tackled... until now.  I've been back doing more digital coloring in Corel again after a stretch of a year or so of doing mostly "traditional" (drawing and painting on paper) work.

I can't say about other digital artists out there, but for me, the painting process is pretty much the same as I would be working in watercolor with some mixed media thrown in like colored pencil and pastel.  Still, having the convenience of the 'undo'  command when there's an accident of whatever kind (or testing something out and changing my mind immediately afterwards lol) is ultimately what makes it less stressful, fun, and relaxing for me.  My line work usually require a lot of concentration (regardless whether I'm inking on paper or inking digitally), so I can't exactly say that I enjoy that phase of work all that much.  Coloring, on the other hand, even if it's with actual watercolor and brushes, is far more relaxing.  And even if I need to redo something when I'm doing traditional work, there are ways to lift colors (albeit not completely back to a clean slate...) to minimize most "damages" I manage to do to my own work.

I still have several pieces of pencil sketches just waiting for me to work on. ^^;  Plus, there are two images I would like to submit to a couple of compilation coloring book titles (I don't even have the sketches for them... just mental images.) by mid-August.  And I've taken on a few pieces of illustration for an author.  Anyhow, this will be yet another crazy busy fall-winter.  Tons of ideas floating in my head and not enough time.  ^^;


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