Friday, June 27, 2014

Bleeding Heart Sprite

I usually start and finish a piece before starting on another project.  I consider myself a 'finisher' when it comes to projects.  It's not unusual for me to start and complete something without taking a break.  When something is flowing well, I forget to eat meals or take a break until it's done. :D  Lately though, I have so many little projects/plans for each new image that I come up with, it's not always convenient to finish a colored version after a line art is inked and processed as a digital stamp.  Right now, I have one sketch of a sprite, one piece half inked for a new series, one image finished as a digi (but waiting for a release later), and one sprite inked and ready for color (but will have to wait for release next month).  That's a lot of pieces floating about my work space!  

Well, I finished "Bleeding Heart Sprite" today.  It's been so hot, I spent a little too much time downstairs where it's cooler to be truly productive, but it's always a good day when I can post a new image and release a digi version of it at both of my shops. :D

I really like the way this one's design came out.  I'm a big fan of the pouffy pants many of these Sprite babies wear, but I'm particularly fond of her 'braid' that she's fiddling with.  I used to have a bleeding heart plant at my house, but there was a period of time when I neglected some parts of the yarden (yard + garden = yarden).  After a few years, the poor plant never came back.   I've been taking much better care of the yarden this season with a renewed commitment.  Maybe I'll get another one of these lovelies and give it a place in my garden again. ^_^

The digi version of this image is now listed at both of my shops -  Etsy here and AW digi shop here.  It's at the usual size of 1500 x 2100 pixels at 300 dpi JPG.

The next sprite is a request by one of my DT ladies.  It's a truly unique 'flower'.  And it will have a different look from my usual Sprite babies. :D  Hopefully, I'll be productive tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

Working on More Sprites

Gardening always slows down when I cut myself accidentally with a sharp blade. LOL  When that happens, it keeps me reliably inside to work on art.  Luckily, I hold my blade in the right hand (my drawing hand), so I always cut something on my left hand.  The nasty slice with a garden sickle is looking better, although I've nicknamed my left index finger "Frankenfinger" since (... looking a bit cut up and discolored  ^^;  )

Been working on a few sprites while my finger is healing.  I'm working toward the 50th sprite.  Can you believe it?  Although I have a few that's going to be pushed back for a release (probably sometime next month), with the Ellen Million Graphics joint/collaboration coloring books' deadlines extended by two months, I can concentrate on working on some new releases.  I've started working on a new collection as well as continuing to expand the popular Sprite series.  I am even working on a very special sprite that's a little creepy, and definitely unique.  :D

Above is a partial preview of one of the new babies coming soon.  It's a flower that had been requested, but I initially didn't have an idea as to how I'd approach.  Lately, all these flowers that have been on my list for a long time due to my inability to come up with a character design have started to come off the list one by one.  I'm really happy about that.  I'm feeling a wonderful 'flow' when I sit down to doodle.  Lately, the first doodle becomes the basis for inking whenever I set out to design a sprite, and that's awesome.

The new series to be launched in mid-July (hopefully) is also a simpler, whimsical approach like my Sprites.  I'm having a lot of fun with these guys.  But I'm going to keep them under the wrap for a little longer as I work to accumulate a reasonable number of images in the collection for a big launch. :D  I'm usually pretty haphazard when it comes to digi releases - making a listing whenever I get done drawing and processing - but I'm going to do something a little different to make it more fun for the fans and my DT ladies, hopefully. :D   Ahh, projects!  *fun fun*

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bird of Paradise Sprite

I had this one almost done yesterday, but just couldn't get around to finish.  I was doing a lot of driving for my daughter and her BFF for the BFF's birthday shopping spree, etc.  ^_^  Well, I might as well enjoy their company while I can even if it's as a chauffeur because they'll eventually be off to college and I may not be seeing them as much as I would like.

I did another digital coloring of a sprite.  My daughter called my art "quite bipolar".   I never quite looked at it that way, but I have to agree. ^_^  After all, I go from dark goth stuff to fluffy sprites on a regular basis.  The pendulum swings from one extreme to the other.  I do enjoy all sides of me and my art, though.  I am comfortable whether I'm drawing a skull or a baby fairy.  ^_^

Bird of Paradise for a sprite was requested a while ago by a few people.  At one point, the list got to be so long, and I did pump out 30+ sprites last summer, so eventually, things slowed down a bit.  And it's also easy to get stumped with a sprite's character design, depending on the flower.  Some are tailor made for being turned into a sprite, while other flowers, as beautiful as they may be, some aspects of them make it rather difficult to design into a sprite.  Case in point - Queen Ann's Lace.  I still have no idea how I'd go about that one.  Cluster flowers (hydrangea, snapdragon, QAL, etc.) are generally tricky.  Overly vertical plants like delphinium and hollyhock are also a headache.  On the other hand, flowers that seem to have a 'face', like pansy, daisy, sunflower, are much easier to come up with a design.  Flowers with trumpet-shaped blooms are also easy as I can use them as hats on sprites. :D  Calla lily was one of the hardest until I got started.  Sometimes, inspirations do strike at the right moment and everything is easy sailing.  ^_^

Bird of Paradise Sprite's design came to me quickly, once I sat down and imagined the flower.  Unique shape of the bloom called for a bold headdress on the sprite.  ^_^  I really enjoyed giving it bright, tropical colors in warm shades of yellows, oranges, maroons, and purple.  The nature's wonderful sense of balance is apparent once again, in the flower's uniquely angular shape with bold colors.  As a child, I loved all kinds of flowers, and was a very young gardener, spending what little allowance I had on seeds and plants from a nearby nursery.  They still hold the same magical charm, and I never tire of the endless of beauty and wonder they bring to my everyday life - in my garden, in my vase, and in my illustrations.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Wisteria Sprite

My last blog post was exactly a week ago.  During that time, I didn't get to work on art nearly as much as I would have liked.  There was a lot going on, once again, with life in general.  ^^; And I'm still playing catch-up on the web site's digital stamp shop.  (Will I ever be able to catch up and complete that?  Hmmm.)

At least, I finished this baby today.  ^_^  Once again, I used my trusty old (and I mean, seriously old version of...) Corel Painter to color this new sprite, "Wisteria Sprite".  The line art version will be available as a digi... soon.  My Etsy listing is in draft and ready to go.  I'm waiting to see if we might be able to do something special... like a special launch with a card by a member of the DT to go along.  ^_^  I was originally going to color her just enough to make a partially colored preview sample for my Etsy listing, but ended up completing her all the way. XD  It's just too much fun.  Much like when I worked on Marie Antoinette.  ^^;  At least, the good thing for finishing is that now this image can be made available as a PSP tube as well.  (And I do think this baby would make an adorable and rather appealing tube.)

I'm getting ready to work on the "Bird of Paradise Sprite".  And I have started a sketch on "Lily of the Valley Sprite", which, until today, has always given me somewhat of a block.  I was finally able to resolve the design issue.  So I might have another new baby soon. :D

I really need to ink the "Sympathy Angel".  The pencil sketch is done and I just need to find a nice chunck of time alone, without distraction, to complete her.  It would also be nice if I have time to color her, like I did with the Wisteria Sprite today.  ^_^  *fingers crossed*

Friday, June 13, 2014

Sketching Away

When an idea hits, it comes in waves. :D  I'm sure I'm feeling extra creative after a period of sickness, health scare about one of our kitties, and all that yarden work that required a lot of my attention!  Got three sketches started today, and I have more ideas ready to come out onto the paper when time allows. :D

My apologies for the dark photo.  My pencil scribbles are notoriously light to begin with, and the pic was taken under artificial light late in the afternoon, so yeah, ... can't say I'm too happy about the quality of the photo, but it gives enough of a general idea of the image and that is what it is for. :D  It's an angel sitting with arrangement of calla lilies.  This should be fun to ink - as there are folds, floating strip of cloth that weaves in and out of limbs and stems, etc.  Just my kind of thing.

And here's a scan (slightly better to see the super-light pencil strokes) of Bird of Paradise Sprite.  Such a unique flower shape, so it was a challenge to come up with a sprite design.  Always fun though.

I'm already fond of this baby - Wisteria Sprite.  It's cutesier than I had originally envisioned, as I've always considered wisteria vines to be graceful and elegant - rather mature or grown-up feeling than this little cutie conveys.  But it is a sprite after all.  Light and whimsical are the essential qualities.  I decided to put the flower clusters as the sprite's pigtails.  ;)   Love these little pouffy pants.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Page from the Coloring Book

With all that was going on between new releases, illness, yardening, and general life stuff with family, this image was worked on in a piece-meal fashion, which is not the way I like to work, over a rather long time.  I'd rather sit down and finish in a few hours with no breaks at all, but I don't always get to work the way I want, and that's OK.  ^^;    It looks a little washed out in the photo because of the desk lamp, but I think you can get the general idea of the colors.  Yellows, purples, pinks, reds, and a tiny hint of greens.

This is a page from my coloring book that I offered up in a giveaway.  The line art is "Gardenia" or "Petals and Pearls". This is only the third time I have hand-colored one of the pages before giving/auctioning the book away.  I think it gives the prize (the coloring book) an interesting twist. :D  It is signed to the winner on the inside cover, too.

I hope it makes a safe trip across the Atlantic to the UK in reasonable time.  ^_^  *fingers crossed*

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Marie Antoinette

Just finished working on the Marie Antoinette piece.  I decided to go digital this time as I had been doing a lot of pieces in ink & watercolor and I'd missed working digitally.  Variety is the spice of life, after all, and I'm a firm believer on this. LOL

A lot of detail going on in her hair.  At times, when I was inking, it got a little confusing, even for me, to figure out what was where with all the stuff piled up on her head. XD Coloring things in helps sort things out visually.  Flowers, butterflies, cupcake, pearls...  Maybe it's a little pinker than I originally envisioned, but I'm sure I'll be working on different versions of her in the future. ^_^  Purely for the fun of it.

I haven't posted anything at deviantART for a while... especially anytying digital, so this will be nice to be able to post something... finally! :D  I'll make ACEO and prints available, as well as the line art as a digi listing maybe tomorrow.