New Lower Prices at My Aurora Wings Shop

*Shown here is one of the popular mouse pad designs available at my Aurora Wings Shop.

June has been a very good month for me business-wise.  Although the month is not over yet, my little online shop's performance for this month has already been better than the figures from last Christmas season (October, November,  and December 2010).   For almost all online venues, the holiday season is THE best time for business and my numbers are usually consistent with this general observation.  So I am thrilled to see this happen in the middle of the year.  Also my rubber stamps at Queen Kat Designs took off and did very well last month.  It's also good to see, not just personally, but also from the standpoint of overall US economy.  Let's face it, we, the artists and their products, are not the priority items on most people's shopping list, and things can be especially tough when the economy is less than stellar.  So, to celebrate this good trend, I've reduced prices on the popular items in my shop -- mouse pads, prints, greeting cards, and post cards.  Some items have been permanently reduced by 20%.


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