Sketchbook Project 2011 Tour Stops in Seattle, WA

The Sketchbook Project 2011 Tour will be making a stop in Seattle, WA this weekend, Friday June 10th through Sunday, June 12th at the following location.

Form/Space Atelier
2407 1st Ave.
Seattle, WA

Gallery is open from noon to 4 pm daily for this travelling exhibition.

If you'd like to view my sketchbook, you will need my name Mitzi Sato-Wiuff for the look-up. The theme I worked on was "Happy Thoughts". I hope someone out there in Seattle area could 'meet' up with my sketchbook in person. ^_^ ** You can view the scans of my entire sketchbook at my dA gallery folder link.


  1. what beautiful sketches, Mitzi! Areyou going to do Project sketchbook 2012? I am, well I am going to try. I signed up today (Your my inspiration) and I picked the theme; This is a Sketchbook. I figure sketches r not perfect and a sketchbook is for learning and that is what I am doing! :)
    Mary (ElmaBree)

  2. Hi, Mary, and thank you. ^^ I think I'm going to take a pass this year. My daughter wanted to buy the sketchbook off my hands when I got it completed, but I was determined to send it off on a tour... And I know that so far only 2 people have checked out the book, which has made me feel that I should have just given the book to her. lol XD
    I wish you hours (days, weeks, months) of fun with this project!!! It will be bigger(and hopefully better) than ever for the 2012 tour. :)

  3. Mitzi, I can't find you sketchbook in the digital Library. I followed you sketchbook on facebook when you uploaded you pages so that inspired me. :)
    I'm sure there will be millions of wonderful things you will leave your daughter the least of which will be your art. :) I am mainly doing the the Sketchbook Project because I need things to keep me busy while the boys are at school. This last winter was hard on me. I need to be at home for them and I love art so this sounds like fun. I don't care if anyone looks at. It will be my accomplishment just too do it:)
    Thank you for the good wishes xoxoxo

  4. I didn't pay the extra $25 to get my sketchbook digitized. :D So that's why you won't find my book in the digital library.
    Only about 1/3 of the participants returned their books for 2011 tour, so I think this 'getting attached to one's book' for one reason or another seems to happen a lot. XD I've also heard from this girl who went to one of the exhibits that there were A LOT of books with only a few pages filled...

  5. Wow, I guess I can see getting "attached to" your sketchbook, Me, I have WAY to many other things going on to do that, and this is a hobby, a passion for me, not a job. I don't have to make a living as an Artist as others. I am amazed at all all the extra things you do as well as be a proffesional Artist. I had to leave my teaching job just so my youngest boy who as ASD could have more of my attention. You give the world of Art so many wonderful things. XOXO


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