New Rubber Stamp Release from Queen Kat Designs

*Photo courtesy of Queen Kat Designs.

   Seven new rubber stamps were just released yesterday from Queen Kat Designs .  This batch of releases features my Cosplayer Cats Inc., which was an original character series of cats in anime style.  You'll see Stephanie (a sleek Siamese cat) in a Victorian dress (seen above) and dressed up as Marilyn Monroe, and Koume-chan (a white kitty) in a mini-kimono, a Victorian dress, and in three ballet poses in fairy costumes and pointe shoes.  The ballerina Koume-chan series was originally done for my ballet gift shop on Zazzle (Custom Dance Gifts by Studio Miyabi) and a mug featuring all three ballerina images had just won a Today's Best Award from Zazzle.

   Line drawing is something that I see as the foundation of my art, and the completed pieces of mine always have line work visible -- it's an integral part of my style of art and manga-style art in general.  So it's no wonder how well the drawings transfer to the rubber stamp form.  When I work in digital (as in the case with my Cosplayer Cats), the line art is its own separate layer in the file, and when I work my traditional/digital fantasy pieces, the line art is on paper, which is available as the scanned file.  Both of which are perfect for the manufacturer to work with.   


  1. hey aurora, ive just decided to follow you as i absolutely love your artwork and its very inspiring ^^ im also trying to make manga art pieces (though alot less gracefully at times lol) and its nice seeing someone else with the same passion :)

    ive seen your line art before - when it comes to simple stamps like this i have no doubt youd be able to excel. why dont you do a few tests? have any drawings in particular that you would want to be a stamp?

  2. Hi, plantie. Thank you for following my blog. ^^

    I'm not sure what you mean by 'tests'. I have almost all of my recent fantasy pieces already licensed for stamps (manufactured and sold) through the same company that I mentioned in the blog.

  3. oh gosh i guess i shouldve had my morning coffee before reading this post! lol, for some reason i thought you had said you were contemplating which ones youd like best ^^ *silly me*

    may i ask who youre manufacturer is btw?

  4. ^_^ Queen Kat Designs ( is the manufacturing company I have licensing agreement with.


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