Addicted-to-Stamps Now Open!

*Photo courtesy of Addicted to Stamps.  See the product info here.

Another company carrying some of my images in 'rubber stamps' has launched and it is now officially public.  This store will have a completely different set of my designs from the other.   Hope the variety (the spice of life!) will be fun for the crafters, scrapbookers, card makers, and anyone else interested in rubber stamps.  The stamps from Addicted to Stamps will be made of clear acrylics and priced at $7.99 each.  You will need to buy/have an acrylic block to mount the stamp, and of course, the ink pad in order to use these.

Anyhow, a little about this image you see here.  A couple of years ago, I was in a running for a job as an in-house graphic designer for an upstart company ( I was teaching dance part time at the time and only drawing for fun on the side.).  For interview/audition, I had to come up with 5 designs in a week's time.  I had nagging doubts about the whole thing, especially since the person I was talking to was not very open about the company or any of the details, citing that the very idea of this company was so revolutionary that it had to be kept secret (But really, their idea was a T-shirt with those round metal buttons to go with... how revolutionary could it have possibly been?).  Long story short, I don't even know if this company ever even officially launched.  Afterwards though, I was glad that I didn't end up being an in-house designer slaving for a children's line of T-shirts and buttons!  I knew something wasn't quite right (Call it 'gut feeling'.) and something told me that I wouldn't be happy.  Fast forward 16 months, and I was signing licensing contracts for cell phone and laptop skins, stamps, fabrics, and other fun stuff, with the art I made purely for my enjoyment.  It couldn't have worked out any better. :D  Anyhow, this 'Eye Butterfly' was one of the doodles that I came up with at the time of the "audition", and since I still had the file and I thought it might make an interesting rubber stamp, I submitted it.  They liked it enough to offer it in their line. ^_^  A happy end to an almost-forgotten little doodle!


  1. This is awesome. There are a lot of shady deals in the design/art world. face palm, Why do we always have to fight for a paycheck sigh.

  2. Thank you.

    I know, right? ^^; Another thing I've learned is that almost everyone always exaggerate what they offer during the negotiation phase... The reality after the fact is usually so much less than what they promise... XD

    Anyway, I've always had much better experience if companies come to me asking to license my existing art than a commission situation -- they've already seen what they like and they want it, and I can license on per-piece contract. (No deadlines, either, in this scenario. lol)


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