"Thep Kinnaree" WIP

   Between the 4th of July festivities and the Daily Deviation over at deviantART on Tuesday (which always brings thousands to correspondences into the inbox), plus more tedious work stuff (like cleaning up some line art files) for some of my licensees, kept me away from working on this piece for a while.  This WIP just shows the general color scheme of the background.  The figure has not been painted yet, but I've done a color planning already, so I won't be deviating from the plan too much in the coming days.

   Then yesterday, I made an account at Shadowness.com, which is pretty much like deviantART.  I have only seen a lot of photography, photomanipulations, and mostly good art, so maybe they've so far managed to keep junk away unlike dA (However, as the site grows in membership, this is bound to change.  What can I say?  It's the 'regression to the mean'.  The larger the sample, the lower the average will be....  The larger the site, the higher the chance of seeing lower-quality pieces.).  Will it be just another account to steal away more of my time? XD

EDIT (7:00 pm): I just learned that my "Pansy" was selected as Shadowness's Daily Inspiration.  Wow, that was quick! XD  I had to wait for quite a while over at dA before I got my first Daily Deviation. lol  :D


  1. its looking beautiful so far!
    was your watercolor technique that you use taught to you or did you just experiment and work it out on your own?
    im looking forward to the figure coming to life ^^ im sure shell be very elegant
    ive never heard of shadowness before- are the people there friendly?

  2. Hi, plantie_bee!

    Thanks!! You know that my coloring is a pseudo-watercolor done digitally, right? :D I haven't used real watercolor in a long time, but the basic technique is very similar since I free-hand everything. Basically, lots and lots of washes in many layers. Digital 'layers' allow me to skip traditional masking, and that would be the major difference and a time-saver.
    I was one of those kids who'd rather be left alone painting, so everything I know traditionally and digitally is all from trial-and-error experimentation.

    I've only been on Shadowness for two days, but so far, people have been very friendly. If you like, I can send you an invite if you can send me your e-mail address in a comment here. (I won't 'approve' that comment so others won't be able to see. ^^)

  3. Mitiz, don't some sites only take quality work? Or do all people think they r artist, well maybe they do. I look at other sites see great quality and I don't bother....all this is a hobby for me, maybe some people just can't or won't truly assess themselves.

  4. Hi, Mary. Well, Shadowness is not a 'juried' site. There's nothing in their FAQ that says that. They just don't want casual snap shots of people getting drunk at a party for example (like some of the stuff you'd see on facebook lol) on there. And nothing smaller than 500 x 500 pxl. Other than that, they only ask you to upload 'your best' work, which incidentally, is the same policy as dA, but that's where things get subjective. XD

  5. Plantie-bee, I sent you an invite from Shadowness to the e-mail address you gave me. Hope to see you over there soon!

    You know, right after I posted that reply comment yesterday, I ended up showing my daughter some watercolor techniques. I couldn't believe how much fun it was to actually play with real paint and brush again! XD Nostalgia!

  6. hey aurora! ooo watercolors shes a lucky girl! my mother is an amazing watercolorist too, but shes a bit too far away to give me lessons *sigh* :P
    p.s. im doing a small color fest on my blog, i made some line art and am having people color them and ill feature you and whichever website of yours youd like on there!! i know youre probably insanely busy at the moment but id be so honored if you joined in ^^ i have no doubt you could do an amazing job
    you can find the lineart here http://plantiebee.blogspot.com/2011/07/free-line-art-lets-see-your-colors.html
    hope to see you there :D!


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