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Two words.  Coloring book!!  It's been on my mind since early last year.  I've always had people on deviantART really liking my lines and asking if I had a coloring book out.  I can see how my lines would be a lot of fun for colorists to color (I know exactly the feeling!).   To be honest, I had no clue where to even start looking for information in order to make this a reality, but I posted the question last week at one of the facebook groups and got a reply which turned out to be exactly what I was hoping for. *squee*  I am working on this project right now with a goal of getting the whole book proofed in the next few weeks. (I have all the line art files, but they need to be tweaked for a 2-color format, which, at least on my software, involves multiple steps going from original grayscale 256 bits color to the final 2-color file.)

I've often felt that coloring books were like clip art.  99% of them are not exactly what you are looking for -- too simple (my most often cited complaints) or not quite the style of art that you like.  I can honestly say that I put in as much time (in many cases, more) in the creation of my line art as the final fully colored rendition of my artwork.  I think this coloring book will be a blast for many adults who still enjoy the occasional coloring fun. ^^  And I can finally tell my friends online that they can get their hands on a coloring book filled with my line art. 


  1. Sounds great! I will definitely have to get one. So glad for all of the great news you've been sharing lately!!


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