"Christmas Fairy" - Lines

This is my first "Christmas Fairy".  Since I've only been doing fantasy art since the spring of 2010,  I don't have a holiday-themed fantasy piece in my gallery yet.  As it is getting closer to Christmas, I finally got into the mood.  As time-consuming as it is, I still like stippling for shading.  I don't do it often, especially for line art that will be colored later.  I love stippling and crosshatching for shading of pen-only piece.

Here's the closeup view of the stippling on the wings and her face.  I just recently watched 2005 version of "Garasu no Kamen" (Glass Mask) anime series.  She looks a little like the main character, Maya Kitagima, when she played Princess Aldis from the play "Two Princesses". ^^  She was all sweetness and warmth.

I scanned this and saved as a file of its own for digital download/digital stamp, but I would like to add a big of background (probably some roses, evergreens, and cranberries... stuff like that).  Looks like I'll be able to have a holiday greeting card after not doing one for so many seasons. XD


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