"Spirited Away" WIP (partial view)

"Spirited Away" WIP -- close-up view of the Celestial.  This one is going to be one of those terrible thumbnail pieces (as most of my images are), so I cropped the picture to show mostly the moth-bird-fish being from another dimention.  Line art is pretty detailed, and this is a relatively small piece in terms of the size of the paper the original pen drawing was done on (8.5 x 11").  Trying to put the main figure with the little girl and still show the air by the use of vertical space is really pushing my limit here. ^^;

I'm liking the mood of the image so far.  I still have lots of high lights to do and subtle details to add.  There are some things going on in my life at the moment that are just not helping by draining my energy.  I tend to distance myself and clam up when I encounter unpleasant people.  It's like after being exposed to certain type of energy that really disturbs my own vibration, I need to center myself and regroup.

Also, as much as fun and inspiration as DDs are, they can 'intimidate' you into all the self-talk and second guessing about the 'next piece'.  Not that every single piece needs to be great or anything (There's no such rule anywhere. lol), but I think we all kind of start thinking about the 'expectations' and 'standards' after a large number of people have suddenly been exposed to just one sample of your work (and probably have formed their opinions/expectations about your art already).  I like doing different things, and in the process, challenge myself in different aspects, be it subject matter, style, or general approach.  Sometimes I wonder if I really belong in the likes of the fantasy artists that specializes in nothing but big-eye cuties or fairies and pump them out like as if from a cookie factory.  I just hope people don't come to expect that from me. ^^;


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