Christmas Fairy (Red & Green)

The first of the colored version, "red and green", of the "Christmas Fairy" is finished.  It's nice to finally get around to doing a festive holiday-theme fantasy work.  It's lighthearted and cheerful and just pretty with no deep meanings to go do research for. ^^; (Refreshing!)  Anyhow, I gave my "red and green" fairy a nice earthy brunette and brown eyes -- I think she's lovely with warmth radiating all around her.

Next, I'm going to do a "blue and silver" version with platinum blonde hair for the girl.  I'm guessing that this one will be a more ethereal, otherworldly look.  I hope it doesn't get 'too cold' in its look and feel.


  1. love it!! especially those candy cane stockings :D a really wonderful christmas card perfect piece ^^
    i am sure youll add plenty of warmth into the silver and blue one - should be gorgeous with blonde hair as well!
    lovely :)

  2. Thank you!! ^_^ Not too many artists have done the candy cane stockings this way (They do the horizontal stripes in red and white...) and I definitely wanted the 'candy cane' look for her. XD

  3. She's beautiful! I love her candy cane coloured tights. :)

  4. Thank you, Sasha! ^_^ Yes, her stockings are my favorite part as well. :D


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