Kiriban 100K Artwork - Pencil Rough

My dA homepage recently reached the 100,000th pageview milestone, and since I hadn't done a kiriban since around 70K, I decided to offer the lucky member a gift art in colors and flowers of his/her choice (I don't do someone's original characters or fan art so I don't offer that for kiriban.).  The person who caught the kiriban requested "lime green and black" as the color choice, and shared with me photos of some green roses, orchids, calla lilies, etc. plus near-black (actually very deep purple) flowers such as tulips.  From the color prompt, the idea that immediately popped up in my head was Absinthe.  I've already done a "Green Fairy" for the Enchanted Visions Project as it was one of the old themes from before I joined.  This time I'm going to call her by the French term, "La Fée Verte".

I've always imagined my Absinthe fairy to be something sophisticated, a little bit reminiscent of a flapper girl of the Prohibition era, with an air of aloofness and melancholy -- a girl of mystery. XD  So for the first time, I'm drawing her with a slick bob for hair (I've always had a thing for that hair style!  And I don't think I've ever seen a fairy art with this hair style...), long silky gloves, beads and lots of green blooms.

I just finished working on a collaborative project of St. Patrick's Day scrapkit with many items in some shade of green or another, most of them being flowers.  So this is a rather smooth transition for me.  The rough sketch was quick, so I'm hoping that inking and coloring will progress just as smoothly and quickly this weekend.


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