St. Patrick's Day Scrapkit from PSP Tube Stop

Here we go again!  The team of artists at PSP Tube Stop has once again collaborated to create a scrapkit to be used alone or with any tubes on the market.  Since St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner, that's the theme we tackled.

Aptly titled, "Over the Rainbow", this colorful kit contains 68 elements, 14 frames, and 16 papers/backgrounds in colors and themes that compliment St. Patrick's Day.  Lots of spring greens, rainbow colored elements, shamrocks, and leprechauns.  The artists who worked on this project are as follows.

Constanza Ehrenhaus
Lisa Cree
Joanna Bromley
and yours truly here ^_^

The preview above does not show everything that's included in the scrapkit, of course.  It's available at the PSP Tube Stop  for the low price of only $2.50.  It's such a fantastic bargain!

I did a ridiculously high number of elements this time since I'm a self-proclaimed flower freak and cannot restrain myself once I start painting random flowers.  I ended up contributing dozens of flowers, ribbons, shamrock clusters, and even some backgrounds/papers, as well as sparkles.  Yes, sparkles!  I like to liken sparkles to bacon since they make everything look better, much the same way bacon makes everything taste better. :D

Here is a tag I just made this morning, with one of my own tubes from PSP Tube Stop (As you can see at the bottom where the copyright notice is shown, I have to have a license number to use my own art in tube form. XD ) , along with many of the elements that come in the "Over the Rainbow" Scrapkit.

This time, I utilized the transparent background and made the elements to look as if they're overflowing out of the heart-shaped knot frame.  Lots of fresh, spring-time green, brightened up with yellow daisies and accented with a handful of blue and purple butterflies and a rainbow.  It has a delicate and feminine feel.  I am pretty happy with the way this turned out.  And of course, the sparkles were fun to use. :D


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