"La Fée Verte" Lines & Color Test

Finished inking the line art for "La Fée Verte", my kiriban 100K piece for a watcher on dA.  Color scheme will be lime green (and other shades of green) and black.  I'm not sure about the black since I don't use black often ... or in fact, at all, in any of my pieces regardless of the medium.  It's something I've done for years since my colored pencil days.  Black straight from the pencil box or watercolor tube just always seemed like such a dead color. XD  So I'll most likely use other colors mixed with green to achieve the 'look' of black to avoid the dreaded 'straight black'. ^^;  At any rate, this should be a fun piece to color.  I've been itching to do a full work after a couple of weeks of doing bit work for the scrapkit.

A quick color test to see overall color feel.  It looks very flat (and dead) without the shadows and hilights. ^^;


  1. what a lucky fan!! this should be beautiful - the details so far are amazing ^^

    1. ^^ Thank you, Christina. This drawing kind of harks back to my days of random doodling with flowers filling in just about every bit of available space. ^^; I'm looking forward to coloring. :D

    2. harking back suits you well! i saw the green coloring on fb and giggled with all of the absinthe fairy comments, but it is true! i think you should sent the final picture of this beautiful lady over to a holland manufacturer! i think it would look sublime on a bottle actually!!
      cant wait to see it complete :D


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