The Artist Spotlight Interview on EMG-Zine

   The interview is now published! :D I was interviewed a few months ago by the wonderful Miss Constanza Ehrehnaus, who regularly contributes to EMG-Zine, the online magazine for the artists and writers of fantasy and science fiction.  I've contributed artwork in the past and have been fortunate to have three cover art features to date, but this is the first published interview about my art, approach, and tidbits about me that no one had asked me before.  I really enjoyed responding to her questions because she comes up with different questions to ask each of the artists she interviews and none of her questions was 'generic' or 'tired'.  So it was a fun interview for me to participate, and I humbly hope it's fun for people to read as well. ^^;

   You can read the interview in the May 2012 issue of EMG-Zine.

   Two of the four pieces featured in the interview: "Pansy" and "La Sylphide"


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