"Enchanted Visions"

   "Enchanted Visions" finished.  This was the May 2012 theme for the Enchanted Visions Project, a fantasy artists collective.  This marks our 30th theme and also the last one before going on a hiatus for the summer.  We'll resume monthly prompting in September.

   For some reasons, the EV has seen a decline in participation.  Although there are over 200 member artists at one point, there has always been a core active membership of about a dozen or two who regularly contributed in a timely manner.  As far as I can see, participation has been small in recent months especially since around the last holiday season.  Coming of the new year didn't pick up the activity level, which puzzles me completely.

   I have always produced work for the monthly themes since I became a member with an exception of the stock photo 'theme' where we were expected to choose a pose based on several stock photos and I just didn't feel like it -- seemed a little too restrictive in approach.  But I've steadily created pieces and I h ave a decent number of works accumulated, thanks to EV.   All of my licensing contracts came to me because of the pieces I made for EV themes.  It's really a shame that more artists do not take advantage of this organization by producing full-out paintings on a regular basis.  There's so much to be gained by it.


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