"Enchanted Visions" Pencil Rough

   "Enchanted Visions" is our latest theme before going into the summer hiatus.  Both Lisa and I (the humble administration staff at the Enchanted Visions Project) have other things/projects that need our attention.  The participation level has been really low in the winter months, and since this is a volunteer position, priorities had to be straightened out and we have come to the decision to put EV on administrative hold for the summer.  No new members will be accepted until September and there will be some changes made to the overall system at that time.  It is good to see, though, now that we told the members that this is the last theme for the first half of 2012, we've already seen more submissions into our gallery.  Way before the deadline, even. ^_^

   And here is the pencil rough of my "Enchanted Visions".  I have always liked the infamous 1917 Cottingley Faries photos taken in England by the two cousins, Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths, and the inspiration for my "Enchanted Visions" comes from one of their photos from the series.

   I myself think these photos, including the one above, are fakes made with cut-out drawings of fairies placed in front of the girls, but I do appreciate the fact that these two girls took these photos that played so much on the imagination of the people.  They are whimsical, delightful, enchanting black and white images -- especially when shown at low resolution, sepia-toned, and/or torn at the edges.   I enjoy the imagination and vision of these girls.

   What I didn't like in the original photo by them, especially on this one shown above, is that the girl appears utterly oblivious to the magical parade of the fairy in front of her.  Maybe what they were trying to do was something like, "I was just taking a photo of my cousin, but look what else was caught in the photo when it came back!"  After all, back in the days, things took time to develop... ^^;  Anyhow, I wanted my "Enchanted Visions" to have the interaction between the human girl and the mischievous fairies.

   The inked version, which I will be working on later, will probably have changes made to this rough sketch.  Looking at the scan, I'm already finding things I'd like to tweak here and there. ^_^  This should be a fun image to both draw and paint.


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