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My blog banner for "Little Patch o' Green"

   I love to garden.  In fact, my love of drawing flowers probably has its roots in my early interest in gardening.  I have always enjoyed growing flowers and vegetables from seeds since my childhood.  This year, my family has started a new project -- backyard vegetable gardens, Square Foot Gardening style.  I have been having so much fun that I decided to make a blog dedicated to documenting the project in both photos and words.

   I had always gardened the traditional way -- in the ground, tilling in spring and generally lots of back-breaking work.  Things had gotten to the point of costing too much money (We live in the very dry area with poor clay soil.) and requiring too much work, and generally discouraging.

   Early this spring, my husband started making a better use of our backyard space, but he and I weren't interested in just growing lawn, which will guzzle up water and provide no tangible return of that investment.  We cracked open Mel Bartholomew's original Square Foot Gardening book, considering that we might give it a try.  Then at a book store, we saw the updated and revised version of the book by the same author with so many radical changes to the original versions.  Things were sounding so tempting in the book we just had to try them out!

   Right now, we have some spring vegetables that are big enough to start eating, like salad greens, and things are growing greener every day.  And there are a lot of flower photos from around our house.  Please stop by if you like nature, veggies, and flowers! ^^


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