Chinese Horoscope Contest Winner

   Just found out that my "Dragon Lore - Green" had been selected as the winner of the Chinese Horoscope Contest on deviantART.  This was one of their official contests where you can enter your submission into a special contest 'folder' during the artwork upload process.  I've never won in any of the official contest, so I'm pretty psyched about it right now. ^^

   The bonus was that the win came with 12-month subscription (This is really sweet after dishing out so many months' worth subscriptions myself for the Annual Young Artists Contest.  I won't have to pay for my own for another year.  Yay!), my choice of dA T-shirt (And I do have one that I've been ogling at... XD), and a print of choice (up to $30 in value).  All in all, this is a pretty complete package for a contest like this, and I'm thrilled that my dragon piece won.

   I'm particularly fond of green dragons, especially the serpentine, Asian kind of dragons.  And as an amateur feng shui enthusiast, I've had nothing but positive experience whenever I activated the area to honor the green dragon in my surroundings, so naturally, it's my personal favorite in the Chinese zodiac, although my birth year zodiac animal is sheep/goat.  Winning a contest with a green dragon just adds to the list of 'proof' that this mythological animal is indeed 'lucky' for me.


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